Day of experimenting


Pet peeve of the day: TV shows and movies using 'upload' and 'download' incorrectly.

Today I fooled around with Nginx ("Engine X"), an alternative to the ubiquitous Apache web server. I haven't seen anyone use it, although it's apparently quite popular in Russia. I'm planning on configuring it to proxy for a Mongrel cluster, do some load testing, and see how it compares to the 'standard' Apache 2.2/mod_proxy/mod_proxy_balancer/Mongrel cluster stack.

I also spent some time this evening fooling with Citadel, an open source Exchange replacement. To summarize Linux Journal's opinion, yeah, go ahead and throw Exchange away. In shorter, badass.

Finally, I started the day by working on a Rails-based Tic Tac Toe program that plays itself using web services. Not that there's a huge marker for things like this, but it was a good learning experience.

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