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Unless I'm misunderstanding something, this paragraph (taken from a CNN article today) is a little strange.

Sullivan was hired in 1887 to teach Keller, who had been left blind and deaf after an illness at the age of 11. With her new teacher, Keller learned language from words spelled manually into her hand. Not quite 7, the girl went from an angry, frustrated child without a way to communicate to an eager scholar.

So we're either left with four possibilities:

1) Helen Keller learning to sign at the age of 6 for no apparent reason, although it came in handy (har!) after she was struck deaf and blind five years later.

2) Sullivan (who was struck deaf and blind at the age of 11) was hired to teach Keller. The would have been odd, as it appears that Helen would have had little need for a teacher who could neither hear nor see. Although perhaps Feng Shui directives state that you need TWO deaf-blind individuals in a room for the energies to flow properly.

3) CNN made an error.

4) I'm not reading this correctly, in which case I'd love for someone to correct me.

We now go live to our Work Report:

I'm messing around with a Ruby SNMP library. Two switches were set up for me to play with, and I'm now in the process of grafting my polling scripts onto a Rails app for some demonstrations to people who neither know what switches are nor what the benefits to polling them are.

Speaking of polling: there's a very cute girl at work who is apparently single and is not opposed to the idea of being un-single (in general - I don't think she even knows who I am). Should Phil make a fool of himself? YOU decide!

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