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Thanks to dluke for fixing the MoveableType template and correcting an error in the commenting. As a token of my appreciation, he may add any person or organization to the List Of People And/Or Organizations Who Can Suck My Balls.

Today I continued work on a simple SNMP polling project, written in Ruby. I decided to abstract out the device types into separate classes and, with Brent's help, created a factory class to return instantiation of the proper object type.

Tomorrow I've got a little work to do on the Interface class, an extension of the Switch class. Once that's done, I've got to re-graft it onto a Rails framework to give it that nice RESTful flavor of which I'm so fond.

I'm happy with the Ruby SNMP library, but it seems that once you instantiate the manager, there's only one command (get_value(OID)) that you ever really need.

I'm going to spend a little bit of tomorrow looking into how I could transfer this project over to Erlang. I spent some time chatting with one of the founders today who's got some experience in Erlang and he seemed to think it was a good idea.

Additionally, 'screen' is badass. I've been tossing so many term windows around lately I finally broke down and used screen - if the 'attention' sequence could be changed to something other than ctrl-A it would be a lot nicer.

There's apparently a way to split the screen vertically, which would certainly have it's uses. I'm giving some thought to seeing about having a screen session sitting inside an ncurses interface for a bit of added visual flair.


Erlang is simultaneously cool and insane. Have fun :)

... also, you can change the bindings for screen commands (see the manpage, you likely want a 'bind' command in your ~/.screenrc)

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