Method_missing seems to be...well, missing.


I can't figure this out for the life of me...

The code below is for a simple logger class I wrote to go along with a personal project. To avoid having to write a ton of code I overrode method_missing thereby allowing calls like "logger_instance.emergency('emergency error text')".

For whatever reason, when method_missing-based calls are made, nothing happens. The code doesn't hang or crash, it just seems to skip right over the logging code and return. No errors are thrown that I can see, and it's really starting to bother me. Ideas?

class Utility::Log

LOG_FILE = './operator_log.txt'

def initialize

def method_missing(level, *mesg)
log(mesg[0], level.capitalize)

def log(mesg, level = 'NOTICE')
@logger.write( + "::#{level}::" + mesg + "\n")


def _new
if File.file?(LOG_FILE)
@logger =, 'a')

def _close


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