Wordpress on Nginx, DNS troubles


Taken from http://whois.domaintools.com/wordpress.com

Server Type: nginx/0.6.29

So it appears that Wordpress, which gets about 4 million hits a day has switched to an Nginx front-end! I really wish that tomorrow someone at work would say that no high-traffic sites uses Nginx. Of course I'd settle for an ignorant quip about how no there are no enterprise-level uses for Ruby or Rails.

It appears that the project I was on at work which was killed has risen from the proverbial ashes and is once again active.

I've been having DNS troubles since yesterday. First the serials weren't getting updated, then a full zone transfer wouldn't complete without an error, and now I've FINALLY eliminated all the errors in the DNS side of things. Not that it's working, of course. Now the trouble is that the external IPs of two of my boxes have been switched. So while it's resolving the domain names to the correct IP, that IP is tied to the wrong box. I should have it fixed by morning.

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