Rackspace Developers Conference


Last week was the first Rackspace developers conference. While the majority of the people that attended were employed as software developers, a handful weren't. I was one of three people from network security who attended, and as the picture below shows, I apparently was fascinated.


Lessons learned:

  • SyncML is really, really, REALLY clunky.

  • Twisted Python tries WAAAAY to hard to be Erlang.

  • Build your systems for scalability from day one.

  • Stay the hell away from Courier when setting up mail.

Lessons Confirmed

  • Nope, I still don't like Python.

  • Keep the UI separate from the rest of the code.

  • It has been confirmed once again that yes, Erlang rules.

  • Ruby's method_missing is pretty bad-ass.

  • People are terrified of things they don't understand.

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