Network Surgery


Once again, the home network is undergoing some restructuring. Fortunately, this should be the last hardware change for the foreseeable future - all the Linksys and Netopia crap is going away and being replaced by Cisco gear.

The Netopia DSL modem and both WAPs are being replaced by a Cisco 1801W with an ADSL WIC. I love having a port labeled 'ADSLoPOTS' on the back of a piece of hardware. The 1801W is being connected to a Cisco 2950 switch which is being put in place of a Linksys 24-port managed switch. As an aside, Linksys (who somehow got purchased by Cisco a while back), can't make network hardware to save their lives. A brand-new, out of the box switch lasted about three months until we had the nerve to reboot it. It never came back up.

Anyway, we're also trading out iptables and an IP Cop box in favor of an ASA 5505. Since I have another ASA 5505 on my desk at work (as well as a PIX 501, but that's just to play with) I figure I'll set up a split-tunnel site-to-site VPN connection.

Ah Cisco, where would I be without you? Out with a girlfriend, that's where.

But seriously, there's a lot of learning to be done, specifically translating the information I have regarding my DSL connection (the VCI, VPI, etc) into the proper IOS commands. Sadly, this is a one-day weekend for me so I'm kind of pressed for time. I'm working on Christmas Day, so I'm hoping the workload will allow me to do some fiddling.

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