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As part of my periodic process of looking through my server's logs and seeing who I should block (UFW is a fantastic iptables wrapper, incidentally), I ran across an IP that apparently belongs to Google Reader. I did some digging around on the Google Reader site, and it seems that this particular blog of mine has somehow acquired 23 subscribers. This is not to say that this blog is hosted on a server I own - this blog is generously hosted by DLuke. I haven't the faintest idea who these subscribers are, but hell, I'll take 'em!

Speaking of Google Reader, there's apparently a Facebook application that claims to allow you to use Google Reader form your Facebook account. As a former English teacher of mine recently discovered, using this application will summarily get your IP address blacklisted by Google. So you might want to stay away from that; or don't - I can't make all your decisions for you.


I'm one of the 23 (as NetNewsWire now uses google reader for syncing read/unread status).

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