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  • Apple Computer makes:
    • MacOS 9, a graphical consumer-oriented operating system, recently displaced by
    • MacOS X, a Unix-derived, NeXTish consumer operating system
    • MacOS X Server, a Unix-derived, NeXTish server operating system
    • WebObjects, a simple and powerful object-oriented way to create dynamic and interactive web content from any JDBC-compatible database engine via Java
    • the iMac, an all-in-one inexpensive consumer-oriented desktop computer
    • the iBook, a simple durable consumer laptop computer
    • PowerMac G4, a powerful, expandable professional workstation
    • PowerMac Cube, an elegant, compact professional workstation in an 8"x8"x10" form factor
    • PowerBook, a high-performance professional notebook with standard DVD-ROM and IEEE 1394 in a thin titanium case
    • TFT displays, three of the finest you'll find for any price. Available in 15", 17", and the massive 22" Cinema Display.
  • Motorola, manufacturers of the processors inside every Macintosh, from the 8Mhz MC68000 from 1984, to the 733Mhz PowerPC 7400 (G4) with an integral 128-bit vector processor.
  • Metrowerks (now a division of Motorola), makers of the Codewarrior development environment and the PowerPlant RAD tools: C, C++, and Java environments for Macintosh, Windows and Linux/x86, 3Com Palm, and Sony Playstation.
  • LinuxPPC and Yellow Dog are Linux packages for Macintosh systems; SuSE is also working on a PPC package. Linux on your Mac can breathe new life into an older system, making it useful as an email station, web server, file server, or browsing station.
Macintosh resources
  • David K Every's MacKiDo, an excellent resource for information and essays on Macintosh, interface design, programming, and humor
  •, a parody site devoted to pointing out the inaccuracies, impossibilities, and outright lies posted on...
  • MacOS Rumors, the monochrome pulp supermarket tabloid of the Macintosh scene
  • Macintosh News Network: a Macintosh news and rumors site that doesn't claim to have a secret encrypted video stream from Apple HQ, unlike some others that I could mention.
  • Macintosh Gaming Ledge, a site devoted to gaming on the Macintosh
  • Stepwise, home of competent, accurate, sometimes bitter, always honest information about MacOS X, MacOS X Server, NeXTStep, and WebObjects.
Macintosh Periodicals
  • MacAddict, the magazine for the rest of us.
  • Macworld used to be a good magazine, then became a decent review rag. Now, it's not even good for that - Outlook Express 5 was their favorite POP client in a recent review. At least they stopped their articles on how to configure Windows NT...
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